Vincenc Domgjoni

Vincenc Domgjoni is a high-school Junior currently attending school in upstate New York. Raised with the idea that one should never forget where they came from, Vincenc has a deeply embedded love for Albanian culture, and by extension the Albanian-American community, and has continually strived to fulfill his desire to help the Albanian community through his work. Vincenc joined APEN in 2015 as a volunteer, and has since become a member of the Programs Committee.  Aside from APEN, he is also involved in a local committee, cooperating with the town supervisor and town council to build awareness of local issues among residents, and initiate programs to expose his fellow students to various career paths. In the distant future, Vincenc intends to pursue a career in public service after fulfilling his professional goals and studies, but has resolved to remain devoted to helping the Albanian-American community throughout his entire life.