The APEN Program Committee serves as the grassroots organizers of the organization. Program Committee members serve in a voluntary role and are charged with creating dynamic and educational events, forums, and workshops for the APEN Community 

Pranvera Ahmetaj   Associate, Tax Operations  - GlobeTax Services

Pranvera Ahmetaj

Associate, Tax Operations - GlobeTax Services

Fllanza Bacaj   Benefits Associate -  IRC

Fllanza Bacaj

Benefits Associate - IRC

Majlinda Bacaj   Program Coordinator -  Pace University

Majlinda Bacaj

Program Coordinator - Pace University

Vincenc Domgjoni   Student

Vincenc Domgjoni


Agim Kocaj   Assistant Project Manager  - Flatiron Construction Corp.

Agim Kocaj

Assistant Project Manager - Flatiron Construction Corp.

Fatjon Mulaj   Supervisor  - Allied Universal

Fatjon Mulaj

Supervisor - Allied Universal

Nita Kukaj   Administrative Assistant  - ZS Associates

Nita Kukaj

Administrative Assistant - ZS Associates

Eduard Nilaj   Data Assistant  - The New School

Eduard Nilaj

Data Assistant - The New School

Bjorn Laku   Product Representative  - Felicia Organic Gluten Free Pasta

Bjorn Laku

Product Representative - Felicia Organic Gluten Free Pasta

Dorentina Vucetaj   Investor Relations  - Montrock48 Capital

Dorentina Vucetaj

Investor Relations - Montrock48 Capital

Catherine McGahan   Partnerships Manager  - Right To Play

Catherine McGahan

Partnerships Manager - Right To Play

Kastriot Xhakli   Graphic Designer

Kastriot Xhakli

Graphic Designer